Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gary Louris-Vagabonds

One of my most anticipated releases of 2008 is Gary Louris solo debut-"Vagabonds". Well...the disc has found it's way online (shh!) and I can safely say after two listens that this will be one of my most played of the year.

Louris was/is one of leaders of the amazing Minneapolis band The Jayhawks, which included talented singer/songwriter Mark Olson. Louris was the pop-rock ying to Mark Olson's country-influenced yang and the two of them together made The Jayhawks one of the freshest sounding bands on the planet. After Olson's departure in 1995, the band dropped most of it's twang and Gary Louris rocked on as The Jayhawks without him releasing 3 different, but wonderful CD's.

Produced by the Black Crowes Chris Robinson, "Vagabonds" is a mostly stripped down affair with a wonderful organic vibe to it (no thanks I'm sure to the party favors Robinson brought to the studio). Think David Crosby's-"If I Could Only remember My Name" album meets Gram Parsons. Here is a taste of this wonderful CD, out February 19. Enjoy!

Gary Louris-We'll Get By

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