Saturday, January 26, 2008

Songs Dave Likes

Below are some songs I been living with lately. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have been....

Bobby Womack-Across 110'th Street
This song was just featured in the movie "American Gangster". To me, it was the highlight of that otherwise shitty film. This is 70's ghetto-soul at its best!

Black Mountain-Angels
These guys seem to be the new "buzz" band of 2008. Their second disc has just come out and I love their mix of Black Sabbath and late-60's acid rock. This track really doesn't sound like the rest of the CD, but I can't stop playing it.

Eddie Vedder-Hard Sun
This is a cover of an 80's tune by a long lost band called Indgo. You can find it on the "Into the Wild" soundtrack, which is a movie I am dying to see. For my money, this is the best thing Vedder has done since Pearl Jam's "No Code" (my favorite Pearl Jam disc).

Ben Harper-With My Own Two Hands
This is the fantastic opening track from Harper's "Diamonds on the Inside" disc. Jah Live!

Arcade Fire-Antichrist Television Blues
When I listen to this song, I can imagine Bruce Springsteen belting this out on the "Nebraska" disc. One of my favorite songs of this decade.

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