Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I love Bruce Springsteen-Vol. 1

Like many Bruce fans, it all started for me when I heard those first words from "Thunder Road".

"The screen door slams. Mary's dress waves..."

The entire "Born to Run" album had as much impact on me any book I ever read or film I ever watched. Bruce sang to me about a whole world of characters and situations that seemed almost Shakespearian to these young ears. Years later, I still marvel at how Springsteen can invoke as much human emotion in 5 minutes of song than some people work their whole lives to communicate.

Bruce has always been known for being one of Rock's best live performers. Seeing a good Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band show is what I imagine church must feel like for the believers. You feel sweaty, alive, and you believe in all the power and the glory that life has to offer.

Well, from April-November in 2005 Bruce went out on the road performing solo with just his guitar, harmonica, and a piano in ridiculously large venues. Over the course of those shows, he played over 142 songs from all phases of his career with many cool stories inbetween. Many selections were songs he had never played live before and many were unrecognizable from their studio versions. Whether it was turning "Johnny-99" into a Leadbelly-style dust bowl blues or singing "Growin' Up" with just a ukelele; it was truly a magical tour for the true-blue Bruce fans. Thanks to the super Jungleland bit-torrent site and the wonderful tapers, we are able to hear what the fuss was all about. The 10 CD set called "Love, Tears, and Mystery" feature superb quality of every song Bruce played during the tour. It is a must for any Bruce fan. Have a taste below.

Born to Run (11-17-2005)

Because the Night (8-13-2005)

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