Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ryan Adams At It Again...

Ok, as much as I love Ryan Adams's music, someone needs to restrict his computer privileges. Currently on tour opening for Oasis (weird, eh?), Ryan apparently spends his free time responding to negative reviews by fans posting to his blog site. I must admit, I am a sucker for reading these rants. I think it's great that he feels so strongly about his art that he needs to respond to the critical fans. It's also a bit obsessive/compulsive but who else does that crap?

I have posted a link to my favorite recent Ryan rant/post called Here's an example of why it is bothersome to make art with conviction.... which name checks such artists as Fugazi, Phil Lesh, and Bob Mould as well as explains his love of making music.

Oh yeah, he also has written and performed some new songs which you can check out below (in not so hot quality). The tracks need some work and knowing Ryan, they will never make it to an album, but they're fun to hear regardless. I love how one song might sounds like a Smiths outtake and another like Gram Parson's jamming with The Grateful Dead. Only from Ryan Adams....





"Like Yesterday"

"Crossed-Out Name"

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