Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Xmas from Bob Dylan

In what is now a yearly ritual to get me in the spirit, listening to Bob Dylan's excellent Xmas show (from Season 1 of his sadly missed Theme Time Radio Hour) is a must. Besides playing everything from early Bob Seger to Celia Cruz; you must hear Dylan's 4 minute reading of Clement Moore's "The Night Before Christmas". If this does not get you into the holiday spirit, then you are a true Grinch!

Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward all!
Disc One:
Swinging for Christmas (Boppin’ for Santa) - Tom Archia
Christmas is a-comin’ - Leadbelly
A party ror Santa Claus - Lord Nelson
Sock it to me Santa - Bob Seger & The Last Heard
Who took the merry out of Christmas? - The Staple Singers
Please come home for Christmas - Charles Brown
Jingle Bells - Johnny Paycheck
It must be Christmas - Gerry Mulligan & Judy Holiday
Christmas morning - Titus Turner
Poor old Rudolph - The Bellrays
Blue Xmas - Bob Dorough & Miles Davis
Far away Christmas Blues - Little Esther & Johnny Otis Orchestra
Beatniks wish - Patsy Raye & The Beatniks
Don’t believe in Christmas - The Sonics
Christmas tree - King Stitt
Silent night - Huey “Piano” Smith and the Clowns

Disc Two:
Must be Santa - Brave Combo
Mambo Santa Mambo - The Enchanters
Fiesta de Navidad - Celia Cruz & La Senora Matancera
Merry Christmas Darling - Hop Wilson & His Buddies
Merry Merry Christmas - Alton Davis & The Lipsticks
The Merriest - June Christy
Truckin’ trees for Christmas - Red Simpson
Christmas in jail - The Youngsters
I want a casting couch for Christmas - Kay Martin & Her Body Guards
Santa Claus - Sonny Boy Williamson II
Hello Mr. New Year - Cool Breezers
Happy Christmas, Happy New Year - Mabel Mafuya
Christmas to New Year’s - The Larks
What are you doing New Year’s Eve - Nancy Wilson

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