Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Feel A Change Coming On

People come to music for all kinds of reasons. But the main reason for any true music fan is that it makes them feel better. If we're sad, a happy song may lift our spirits or a sad song may make us feel not so alone in our thoughts.

With some heavy things happening in my life lately, I have come to NEED music these days. And with fantastic new releases by the likes of Bob Mould, Steve Earle, Prince, Neil Young, The Church, and Bob Dylan; good music has kept my spirit alive. Below is a massive blog-mix tape of some stuff that's been helping me through. Crank it up and I hope it cures what might ail you.

Track List:
1. David Crosby-Music is Love
2. Bob Dylan-Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
3. MGMT-Kids
4. Van Morrison-Astral Weeks (Live) - File removed due to weird request by Web Sheriff
5. Chuck Berry-Thirty Days
6. Graham Lindsey-If I Ever Make it Home
7. The Kinks-Stop Your Sobbing
8. The Raconteurs-Top Yourself
9. Sahara All-Star Band-Enjoy Yourself
10. Bob Dylan-This Dream of You
11. Lucinda Williams-I Lost It
12. The Church-Deadman's Hand
13. Jenny Lewis-Barking at the Moon
14. Bob Mould-Bad Blood Better
15. The Replacements-Goodbye to Jane
16. Neil Young-Oh Lonesome Me
17. Prince-Ol School Company
18. Heartless Bastards-Be So Happy
19. Jackson Browne-These Days
20. Blind Gary-You Got to Go Down
21. Andrew Bird-Effigy
22. Marvin Gaye-Without Your Sweet Loving
23. M. Ward-One Hundred Million Years
24. Bon Iver-Blood Bank
25. Drive-By Truckers-Something's Got to Give
26. Bob Dylan-I Feel a Change Coming On
27. Derrick and the Dominoes-Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad
28. Son Volt-Take Me Back
29. Hank Williams-Lovesick Blues
30. Jerry Garcia-The Wheel
31. David Byrne & Brian Eno-Life is Long
32. Bruce Springsteen-One Step Up
33. Bob Dylan-Beyond Here Lies Nothing
34. Graham Lindsey-The Good Life
35. Nirvana-All Apologies
36. Neil Young-Light a Candle

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