Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rickie Lee Jones-Balm in Gilead

One of the most underrated singer/songwriters of all time has to be Rickie Lee Jones. Ask 20 people off the street to name one song she does and you might get one to mention 1979's FM radio hit "Chuck E's in Love". Meanwhile, since her stellar debut 30 years ago (wow) Rickie Lee has released masterpiece after masterpiece all while flying criminally under the radar. And with each release, she has always tried new directions that challenged both herself and her audience; like any great artist should. Her softmore release "Pirates" in simple one of the best albums of all time and belongs in any serious record collection.

Today thankfully finds Rickie Lee back with her 12'th studio album entitled "Balm in Gilead". This one should absolutely please not just long time fans but the old ones who had given up on her artistic diversions years ago. Keeping in the more straightforward pop tradition, the disc is instantly likable and features such great guests as Ben Harper and Alison Krauss. I truly hope this one gives Rickie Lee the audience she deserves, but we all know how the industry works these days. This one will most likely fall under the radar unless somehow Satellite Radio miraculously picks up on it.

You can listen to the entire album streaming here for one week only. Enjoy!

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