Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shuggie Otis Made My Day

One of the greatest things about being a music freak is there will always be someone new to discover. Just when you think you've heard it all, someone turns you on to something that makes you wonder how you possibly missed it!

Well, today I'm driving home listening to the "Deep Tracks" channel on Sirius, when the kids and I find ourselves bobbing our heads up and down to the smoothest soul sound I've heard in ages. I look down to see the artist and it says "Shuggie Otis". I say to myself, "Self; who the hell is Shuggie Otis"?! Thanks to the wonder that is Google, I find that Shuggie was a reclusive singer/guitarist/arranger who made only three (long out of print) albums from 1969-1974 that hugely influenced the likes of Prince and Ben Harper.

From what I've heard already, his stuff amazingly and effortlessly merges the smoothness of the Chicago Chess Records blues sound, the "free jazz" era of Miles Davis, with the psychedelic soul nature of Sly Stone. And the guy can play the shit out of the guitar! Now the fun part will be seeking these re-issued albums out and adding them to my collection. Just another great day to be a music geek! Thanks Shuggie!!

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