Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Somthing in the Way

I miss Nirvana. As an old-foggy 41 year old dude now, I can honestly say Kurt Cobain was the last music artist that made me obsessed. Remember when you were a kid and poured over your favorite band's lyrics? Studied their album covers? Made sure you were home to watch any TV appearances? Well, Nirvana was the last band that did that for me. That could be just me getting older and having different priorities, or it could be that they truly WERE the last important band. A strong case can be for the latter.

This year's re-release of Nirvana's "Nevermind" was a treasure trove for fans. Not only did we get the album sounding the best it ever has, but it included the original "raw" mixes and live versions of the tracks. The highlight for me is the live BBC version of "Something in the Way". The studio version is a plaintive, almost tender meditation which seems to contradict the content of the lyrics. The BCC version is a full-on guttural assault that shines a completely new light on the song for me. Crank it up and let the catharsis ring!!

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