Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Golden Smog Remembered

"Supergroups" in rock and roll have been a spotty premise to say the least; take some famous musicians from already successful bands and put them together so they can make their own, unique artistic statement. Many have flat-out sucked (looking at you Asia, The Firm, Power Station, Mr. Big) or were at the least, huge disappointments (Blind Faith, Monsters of Folk, Travelling Wilburys).

But a select few have been really, really good (Cream, Temple of the Dog, CSNY, Broken Social Scene, Derek and the Dominos). Add to that list one part Wilco, one part Soul Asylum, and 2 parts Jayhawks, and you have the wonderful concoction that is/was Golden Smog. Having only released three albums in 20 years, Golden Smog is likely more a holiday for the guys then a true "Supergroup", but the results were great. Sounding like a perfect hybrid of all their other bands, the music sounded fresh and original as opposed to sounding like the discarded solo tracks that their other bandmates wouldn't play on.

I'm hoping we haven't heard the last of the venture but if we have, it sure was a fun diversion while it lasted. Enjoy this 1995 video of their killer Faces cover as well as their best original.

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Where did you hear they were done?