Saturday, March 31, 2012

The night Mick and Keith met their Maker!

Every time I listen to Muddy Waters, I feel like I could throw the rest of my entire music collection out the window and be perfectly happy listening to only Muddy for the rest of my life. Muddy is not just the best and my personal favorite blues artist; his stuff seems so much more then that. Listening to Muddy Waters is like taking a masters course in life. You feel completely awake, satisfied, and full every time you listen to even one track. Only Hank Williams Sr. and Bob Dylan come close for me in that regard.

Sadly, Muddy only seemed to get the recognition he so greatly deserved later in his life. He not only transformed and popularized electric blues, but he was one of the architects of Rock and Roll. Just ask The Rolling Stones....who named their band after one of Muddy's classics.

Below I present you two classics collections of clips of the man in action! The first is from an infamous night at Buddy Guy's Checkerboard Lounge in 1981 where, in the middle of Muddy's set, the Stones crashed the party and jammed with the legend on 5 tracks. Is it the best performances of any of these songs? Hell no! But it's must see stuff for historical value alone.

The second playlist is from a perfectly captured performance of Muddy with the amazing Otis Span (piano) from the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 1968. These clips may seriously be the greatest thing on the Internet!

Crank it up and enjoy the Master at work!

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