Sunday, April 15, 2012

Celuloid Heroes-"We Bought A Zoo"

I like to think of myself as something of a movie snob. Ever since I was a kid, I have only seemed to enjoy films that seem to speak to me emotionally and intellectually. Actually, I don't like it. It's kind of a curse only being able to tolerate perhaps 8% of the films that Hollywood churns out these days. Most films lately seem to be made strictly to have a great opening week in sales without any regard for any emotional or cerebral depth.

I remember seeing the preview for Cameron Crowe's 2011 "We Bought a Zoo" a few times, and each time I remember thinking "this cannot be right"! Cameron Crowe has made many flawed, but classic films and is one of my personal favorite writer/directors. His films can be overly corny at times, but they always seem to contain dialog and scenes that completely ring true from an emotional perspective. The trailer for "We Bought a Zoo" lacked any of that. It looked like it was made specifically for 10 year-old girls with nothing for the poor parents who have to take them to the theater.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when watching this the other night with my daughter, I find it to be a funny, sweet, deep, and emotionally rich film about a young family dealing with loss. The film is typical Cameron Crowe; with brilliant lines and scenes that are poignant at the same time as they are hilarious. Based on a true story, it's also the rare film that children and adults can appreciate and benefit from together. And as always with Crowe's films, the music is kick-ass (Tom Petty, Wilco, Neil Young, Bon Iver, etc)!

Someone at the movie studio should be fired for green-lighting the POS "lowest common denominator" trailer which I guarantee permanently hurt the potential audience for this one. If you're looking for something that will make you heart swell, your brain work, and your face light up, look no further then "We Bought a Zoo". You'll thank me later.....

And just because I can, this beautiful song was perfectly used in the film.

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