Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the Road!

The ever-awesome Neil Young and Crazy Horse are back on the road for the first time in 8 years supporting the newly released "Americana" album; Neil's collection of American folk/rock standards. In typical bizarre Neil fashion, the shows are featuring only one song from the album while the setlists have featured no less than five never before heard original tunes. The new songs range from a reflective acoustic ditty about Neil's love of older music to the fiery garage rave-ups The Horse do so well.

One has to assume this stuff will come out on a new studio album at some point but like all things Neil Young.....who knows?! Enjoy some of the great new tunes below (song titles taked from the Sugar Mountain fan site.

"Born in Ontario"

"Twisted Road"

"For the Love of Man"

"Psychedelic Pill"

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