Saturday, December 15, 2012

Save Travels to Ravi Shankar

The master of the sitar, Ravi Shankar passed away this week at the age of 92. I remember being about 6 years old when I first heard his music. My parents had a copy of "The Concert for Bangladesh" album and I eagerly put it on to hear some "Beatles" rock and roll; which I already loved. What I heard on Side One was the strangest, most captivating music I had ever heard and it rocked my little brain wide open. Up until I heard Ravi as a kid, I had loved music but I don't think I had ever really HEARD music. His was music you had to open up your entire heart and mind to really hear. He was my gateway into more "challenging" music; jazz, classical, and the Grateful Dead. After hearing Ravi Sharkar, the AM Radio hits of the 70's just wouldn't do! As I sit here today at 42 years old listening to Ravi's epic "Raga Asa Bhairav", I still feel the same awe that I did at 6 years old. There is no other artist who can transport me musically the way Ravi did and will continue to do. Safe and peaceful travels Ravi.....and thank you.

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DougoBlues said...

Nice post on Ravi.

Made me think back to watching his performance in Monterey Pop back when I was a kid.