Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meeting of the Minds

So why are two of my favorite artists (Ryan Adams and Kim Gordon) sitting together for Fashion Week in NYC? I have no idea, but this picture makes me think silly thoughts. Here's some of them....

1. If Ryan makes a move, could Thurston Moore kick his ass? I say absolutely!
2. Why is Ryan at Fashion Week looking like he stepped out of a stoner basement party Circa-1984?
3. I bet Kim Gordon (at 54 years of age) was hotter than any other woman at Fashion Week.
4. Ryan probably wrote 10 death metal songs from the time he sat down to the time he stood up.

In honer of this wonderful meeting of the minds, here is a version of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals rocking out Sonic Youth's classic "Expressway to YR Skull".
8-3-2006, Indianapolis, IN

Here is Kim looking amazing doing her "Kool Thing" with Sonic Youth from 6-14-02 in Sweden.

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