Saturday, February 16, 2008

Politics Rock!

I always find the use of music in political campaigns very interesting. Remember when Ronald Reagan thought using "Born in the USA" was a good idea to show how wonderfully patriotic he was? Talk about missing the point. Sometimes the choices are inspired; like John Edwards using the uplifting Ryan Adams song "Firecracker" this year during a stop in North Carolina (Adams' home town). And how perfect was Bill Clinton's use of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" in the 90's Even I caught the optimistic fever of his campaign.

Of course, the melding of politics and music doesn't always go so well. The fact that Hillary is currently using a Celine Dion song in her campaign may just cost her my vote in Wisconsin next week (among other reasons).

My favorite melding of politics and music is when the candidates use an artist's song without their permission. Last week, John Mellencamp told John McCain to stop using his tune "Pink Houses"(how unoriginal can you get McCain?) and yesterday Boston frontman Tom Scholz told Mike Huckabee to quit using "More than a Feeling"("Don't Look Back" would have been SO much cooler). By the way, when Huckabee isn't using Boston, he's cranking up the Nascar vote with "Sweet Home Alabama". Yee-haw!

Here is the "OH SNAP" quote from Scholz:
"Boston has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything Boston stands for," wrote Scholz, adding that he is supporting Democratic senator Barack Obama."

By the way, Barack is currently using U2's "City of Blinding Lights" for his campaign. Is there anything Bono can't make perfect?

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