Friday, February 15, 2008

Tunes Under the Radar

How many great songs has Bob Dylan written? Far too many for me to count. In fact, Bob means so much to me that I am almost unable to be objective about his craft. For example; I love his album "Self-Portrait" that according to Dylan fanatics and critics, I am supposed to hate. I think "New Morning" is one of his best albums and no one agrees with me on that one either. So anything you ever read on this site about Bob Dylan has to be taken with a grain of salt. For the record, I am that far gone as to enjoy 1988's "Down in the Groove". That one was truly shit.

This bring us to the song called "Cross the Green Mountain". The song is a 12 verse, 8 minute masterpiece that Bob contributed to the civil war film "Gods and Generals" soundtrack in 2003. Unfortunately many people, Dylan fans included; have never heard the track. Full of biblical imagery; the song is a dying soldier's lament and it's as haunting and beautiful as anything Dylan has done. It was recorded with Dylan's touring band at the time, and has a sleepy atmosphere similar to the "Time Out of Mind" record. Like that album, this song has a timeless quality to it where you aren't sure if it's from the early 1900's or the 21'st century. I would post the lyrics, but you have to listen to the track to truly appreciate them. I hope you enjoy this under heard Dylan treasure as much as I do.

Bob Dylan-Cross the Green Mountain

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