Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Z!

So I'm sitting home on a cloudy, rainy Sunday afternoon when my best-friend Al calls and asks if I want to drive to Milwaukee, WI to see my beloved Chicago Cubs play the Houston Astros. They were playing in Milwaukee because Hurricane Ike forced the games to be canceled in Houston.

So, living 90 minutes North of Milwaukee, my initial 38 year-old crabby-ass reaction was "nah". Too far. I have kids to watch. I have to work tomorrow. I'm tired. Blah, Blah, Blah. Only after my wife said, "Oh you should totally go" did I start to get excited.

I mean, The Cubs playing a game in Milwaukee? Kind of historic. I'd never been to Miller Park. Plus, I hadn't seen a Cubs game in well over 5 years not to mention that this looks like it might actually be "The Year" for them.

So I went. And if you don't follow sports; history was made in Milwaukee last night. Cubs picture Carlos Zambrano pitched a no-hitter!! The Cubs first since 1972. Fucking amazing!! The fact that 23,500 Cubs fans descended upon Milwaukee made the atmosphere special. The no-hitter made it truly an unbelievable evening to be a part of. It was a night I will never forgot and one of those you tell your kids and Grandchildren about. Thanks Al!!!

Unfortunately, Major League Baseball has pulled any news coverage of the event from You Tube but here is the next best thing.

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