Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ryan on Letterman

The ever-talented and prolific Ryan Adams is back this week with a new studio disc; "Cardinology". While I didn't like it much at first, it is sounding better to me with each listen. I think I was taken aback by the concise, focused songwriting on the disc(something I'm not used to with Ryan).

It may be his most accessible and consistent release yet. Say what you will about the guy, you never know what kind of material you will get from album to album. And that is a trait I find in most of my favorite artists.

Here is Ryan and The Cardinals rocking on David Letterman last night. These are great versions of the new tracks "Fix It" and "Cobwebs". Dig the Iron Maiden t-shirt!

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Dan said...

I like this version of Cobwebs more than the studio one, nice video