Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dark Side of Al Franken

While we all know that 57 year old comedian, writer, radio talk show host, and politician Al Franken is in the middle of a tight Senate seat race for the state of Minnesota; what you may not be aware of is his sorted, checkered past.

In his youth, Al Franken paled around with Deadheads. Yes Deadheads; the most hairy and smelly of human beings who frequently espoused the evil practices of peace, love, and twirl dancing.

And Franken did not just pal around with Deadheads, but high ranking members of the Grateful Dead themselves. God only knows what subversive practices Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh instilled in him. Sources tell me that Franken has a tape collection of Grateful Dead material that totals in the thousands and that he can rattle off setlists from the 80's off the top of his head.

Below is proof of Franken's checkered past. We can only hope the pure Norm Coleman prevails....

EDIT-This just in: Norm Coleman celebrated his 20'th birthday at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival

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