Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Return and Reflection

Greetings friends! After over a one year absence, I have decided to return to this hollowed space. At the time I stopped posting, I just no longer felt the need for it nor the motivation. I realized there were a million sites that filter and discuss music content and this one seemed like a grain of sand in the desert. But what I am finding recently is the more options we have to find content, the harder it is to find and share the stuff that REALLY moves us. As the Internet continues to grew, it seems we are getting ever more disconnected from our true passions. A year ago, I unfortunately had lost my passion for music. While I always continued to listen to it, I didn't feel that emotional connection I always had with it. Well, for many wonderful reasons, I am again feeling the joy and passion that music had always provided me. Anyway, that's a long winded introduction to say that I continue to, in the beautiful words of Dylan, "try to harmonize with songs" and share those songs with whomever would like to come along for the ride here.

This week I, like many others, have been reflecting on that horrible and fateful day of 9/11/01. Specifically, I have been thinking about what that day meant to New York and how New Yorkers must still hold on to it, but somehow had to carry on.

Today I came across this recent short interview and performance from the great Ryan Adams discussing his song "New York, New York" and how even though it was released just before the tragedy, many heard it and took it as a tribute to the city post-9/11. Make sure to listen past the interview for a hauntingly beautiful version of the song which sounds radically different from it's original, celebratory upbeat tone.

Ryan Adams-Interview and "New York, New York" (Piano)

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