Thursday, September 15, 2011

"I Walk On Guilded Splinters"-A Trip to the Doctor

As a 40-something dude finally falling in love with the music of New Orleans, of course one of the touchstones to explore is Dr. John (a.k.a. "Mac" Rebennack). The guy has been recording and playing New Orleans-style piano awesomeness since the late 50's; most famously the 1970's megahit "Right Place, Wrong Time".

While listening to some of his earlier works today; this freaky, funky, piece of late-60's weirdness slithered into my earphones and hypnotised me for a joyful seven minutes. Dim the lights, light some candles and incense, and prepare for a nice ride.

And to bring you back to reality, below it is the good Dr's standout moment from the film "The Last Waltz" with The Band. Always one of my favorites.

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Anonymous said...

NOLA lives because of the Doctor and everything he represents. Thanks for this.

Jean LaFitte.