Friday, October 14, 2011

Say it Isn't So!!

Imagine how hard it is to keep a rock and roll band together for 30 years. Now imagine how hard it is to do when two of the lead members are married for 27 of them. Now picture what will happen to the band when those two members decide to separate. Unfortunately, that is the fate us fans of Sonic Youth have to ponder this evening. The coolest rock couple of all time (sorry Lou and Laurie); Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have decided to separate, obviously leaving the fate of the band hanging by a thread. I feel very deeply for what Kim and Thurston are having to go through and assume the band is not foremost on their minds at this time.

Sonic Youth's music simply changed my life. Hearing "Teenage Riot" in 1988 completely altered what music was and could be for me. It changed the way I would hear and feel music forever. They opened my eyes to the fact that music could be chaos and beautiful at the same time. Having seen them on every tour since 1988, they have been such a huge part of my life that I hope they can somehow find a way to continue to create their art together. While my thoughts are with their family tonight, my ears are buzzing with their blissful noise.

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Anonymous said...

sad. On the bright side, maybe they will stay together as a band and produce inspirational, post-marriage psychedelic noise.