Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Sinead O'Conner

For me, putting the needle on Sinead O'Connor's record "The Lion and the Cobra" in 1987 was one of those rare, stunning musical experiences that only happens a handful of times in a lifetime. For 45 minutes, a room of transfixed music fans couldn't say a word; simply blown away by was coming out of the speakers. We were stunned to be listening to that magical voice, who sounded like she couldn't possibly exist amongst the popular noise of the Bon Jovi, Motley Crew, and George Michael.

Well, it certainly has been a captivating and often volatile 25 year career for Sinead. But through her highly public professional and personal ups and downs, the true artistry in her music has always shown through front and center. And this month, Sinead is back and sounding better then ever on her aptly titled new album; "How About I Be Me (and you be you)".

To my ears, the first single certainly sounds like it can proudly stand next to Sinead's best work. And that is a blessing for all who are lucky to be wowed by her....


Anonymous said...

25 years later since the Lion and she still sounds like this! I'm excited.


Lauri Lumby said...

Exactly why, contrary to popular opinion, I loved Sinead 25 years ago and still love her today! Her voice reaches into the depths of my soul and seems to urge it forward. Beautiful. Sublime. Moving.