Sunday, April 27, 2008

Garcia Project

1995 was a rough year in Grateful Dead history. Jerry Garcia's health was in serious decline and so was the health of the Dead scene in general. During 99% of all Dead shows from that year, Jerry seemed present in frail body only. Garcia would forget complete verses and his guitar playing was for the most part, a total shell of his former self. Those who were actually paying attention at Dead shows in 1995 knew the end was near. Jerry Garcia passed away a month to the day of the final Dead show on August 9, 1995.

When Jerry wasn't on the road with the Dead, odds are he was on tour with what I feel was his true love; the Jerry Garcia Band. Listening to the smattering of those JGB shows he was able to play in 1995 prove that the man could still deliver when he wanted to. Thanks to an amazing download project going on over at BT.Etree, the proof is in the tapes. BT Etree member "The Bus" has uploaded what he calls the Jerry Garcia Project; every JGB show played during a specific year. I highly recommend grabbing the 1995 shows, if for no other reason to hear a memento of what Jerry was still capable of towards his end. It was a true revolation for me to hear these. In any case, the Jerry Garcia Project is a extravagance of riches for any Garcia lover; whether your into 1983 or 1990. Grab them while you still can here!!

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darkstar22869 said...

There are not enough seeds out there for Jerry Project. Any suggestions where else to pull these shows from and/or find the shows not on etree.