Monday, October 13, 2008

The Jawhawks Triumphant Return!

On September 6 at a festival in Spain, the five original members of The Jayhawks played their first show together since the mid-90's. As much as I love the Gary Louris-led version of the band, they do not sound the same with the unmistakable harmonies of Mark Olson.
Since no announcement of an official Jayhawks reunion had occured, I can not tell you what a pleasent surprise it was to find out that this show took place. Mark and Gary are releasing an album together in January so I can only assume we have not heard the last of this incarnation of The Jayhawks.

Click the link below to download the show and a big thanks to the taper! The sound is less than stellar, but it works for me. Enjoy.


The Jayhawks: Azkena Festival Spain.
September 6, 2008

Mark Olson-Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Gary Louris-Electric Guitar/Vocals
Marc Perlman-Bass
Tim O'Reagan-Drums/Vocals
Karen Grotberg-Keyboards/Vocals

Aud recording.
Sony Hi-Md MZ-RH910>Mics: Sony Stereo-ECM-719>soundforge 8>cd wav editor>
flacfrontend level 6>you
Recorded by Zebulon.
Edited By J.P.

I´d Run Away
Over My Shoulder
Real Light
Two Angels
Take Me With You
Martin´s Song
Waiting For The Sun
Two Hearts & Settle Down Like Rain
Sister Cry
See Him On The Street
Nothing Left To Borrow
Pray For Me
Leave No Gold
Bad Time
Miss Williams´Guitar

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